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Welcome to the website of Prádelna HASE.

  • we are ready to provide professional laundry service that will satisfy even the most demanding customer
  • we provide laundry, ironing and mangling service
  • fast delivery and free shipping under all circumstances

Prádelna HASE offers and provides laundry, ironing and mangling service at a very high level of technology.

We deal with laundry service more than 7 years. We always use a high-quality, friendly and most importantly very effective chemistry from the Swiss company Bezema. These products will guarantee washing of all grease and remove the kitchen smell.

We also use gentle hydrogen peroxide to remove stains (from wine, etc.) of colored linen, without damaging the paint.

We are constantly working on improving our services, customers should always have the highest quality and the best possible result for laundry with Prádelna HASE.

Prádelna HASE
Ing. Miloslav Kračman

tel.: + 420 777 984 994

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